What is it?!

As of september 2021 we from Beernami Belgium give all you beernamigo's out there the chance to catch our monthly wave. Every wave consists of 10 different Belgian craft beers in various styles that are carefully selected by us.

Seasonals, specials and one-off's

But why would you come and surf with Beernami? Because we do careful research and taste all the beer before they get included in a wave. And as we work closely with the brewers you often get the newest, most exciting and freshest bottled beer that is not (yet) available in your local shop.

Last but not least we do it for the love of beer. We look up small breweries you have never heard of before and give them a chance to be part of our wave. This way we help them reach our Beernami community and so a bigger audience.

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Welcome to Beernami Belgium! Who are we?


Original founding father and lifeguard on duty, our ultimate creative knows-it-all. Without this guy there would be(er) no Nami. He does the marketing, content and website for us. His soft spot for craft beers and nose for great products makes him the perfect surfing-instructor.


Founding father, wave organisor and practical realist with a big heart for yeast and foam. In love with the art of beer tasting he builds the waves with all the care you can imagine. Operations, customer contact and assembling the next waves are his special skills.

Anno 2O21

We decided to take our love for craft beer to the next level. We teamed up with Beernami NL and translated this wonderful concept to our beertastic country. And just like that Beernami BE was born.

Our beautiful photos were taken by Sunset Media, his other masterpieces can always be found here.

Do not mail us, we will certainly mail you!

Be part of an already legendary community, catch the first Belgian wave on 01/09/2021