Found a beer that tickles your fancy? (we know you did!)

Feel like catching more of the same wave?

For additional orders you can contact the brewery directly and they will be happy to help you out. You can find the link to their site right here.

And their new releases? We will bring them to you first!

Wave 1

Brasserie Witloof Brasserie Zythologyst Dok Brewing 't Verzet Brasserie surréaliste
D'oude maalderij Hoppug Brouwhuys de Vaart BBP Hof ten Dormaal


Wave 2

Brasserie à roulettes Gistgeest Alvinne Galea Tall Poppy
Arel Brewing Project Atrium La grand d'Ame Broers Totem


Wave 3

 Alvinne BBP Dok Brewing Hophemel De mederie
Lokal Heroes Beer.Co Ermitage Magnus Brasserie à Roulettes Atrium


Wave 4

 Brasserie Zythologist Skollman De mortselarij Vleesmeester Brewery Brasserie du Larron
Brasserie des Lonsees Brasserie Surréaliste Local Heroes La Source Brasserie du Borinage