Frequently asked questions about the Beernami Belgium adventure..

Let's stay on board together!

  • I found a beer I want to re-order.

We don’t sell the beers ourselves but that’s no problem. Just surf to our brewery-page and support the brewers directly. They will be happy to serve you their product once again.

  • When does the beer arrive?

There are 2 options: 

If you order a wave that has already been released aka backorder (only possible if we still have stock) you should receive it in a few days.

The new waves ship from our facilities the first of every month so breaks at your doorstep a few days later!

  • Can I order a previous wave?

If we have availability yes you can, but sold out means sold out. We avoid keeping back stock. Still want that beer? Just visit our brewery page and go to the brewers website. Take a look at our previous waves in stock here.

  • I know a brewery that might be interesting, how do I contact you?

Throw a pebble in the pond by filling out the form on our contact page and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

  • What wave do I catch?

If you order a single wave it will be shipped to you at the beginning of next month. So automatically always the next wave that is about to break.

  • Can I choose my own style of beers?

Yes you can, but not with us. We try to include a variety of styles and as many different breweries as possible. Every brewery has its own strengths and they all deserve a place in our box. So take a leap of faith, keep an open mind and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

  • I'm having some delivery problems. What are the next steps?

First of all, let us know what went wrong so we can take action as soon as possible. From there on we will try our best to find a solution, depending on what the problem is.

  • I am still thirsty, what can I do about that?

First of all make sure to order the next wave as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry! Second, you could try to find out if we have backstock from the previous wave and order an additional wave. If not it’s going to be a tough end of the month for you, but just until your next wave hits the front door!

For all other questions, please contact wave@beernami.be happy to help!

For the love of beer - Beernami